Urban Outfitters Mock Advertising Campaign

This project was done for one of my Advertising Photography classes as a mock advertising campaign for any company of our choosing. We worked in a group of four, each taking on different roles to complete the project. 

Our group chose to take on Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters is a company that dedicates their brand to inspire young people by offering products that embark on a cultural journey. They provide clothing that is daring, trendy, and appealing to their target audience. It is clothing that is essentially made for the masses.

.We chose our brand Urban Outfitters for one reason: to showcase their brand in a way that emphasized experience and creation of a space. Right from the beginning, we noticed they were a very trendy, and hip brand. We also feel connected to them because we are supporters of their products and mission. We felt we could successfully create a campaign that would deviate from their normal way of advertisement, but still capture the essence of their brand.

We admire Urban Outfitter’s appreciation and dedication for movement and culture. This enables them to create clothing that is culturally significant, and attracted to their customers.

Producer: Jhadé Benitez

Photographer: Rebecca Tomasello

Retoucher: Olivia Edvalson

Lighting Tech/Master Assistant: Christine To

Check out our Behind the Scenes video here!